Have you ever heard someone sleeping emit some weird sounds as though the person is choking? That is snoring. You will agree with me that it could be very irritating to those in the vicinity. Snoring has been a very major strainer of relationships, especially when the partner of the snoring person is a light-sleeper. It has been explained that snoring happens when the back of the throat relaxes during sleep, which in turn narrows the airway during breathing, causing it to vibrate. It can also be caused by a deviated nasal septum, or a floppy soft palate. A lot of devices believed to be snoring remedies have been circulating the market, but do they really tackle the cause? Let us see.


We would expect the name “plugs” to mean something that closes an opening, right? Far from that. The rule of thumb to stopping snoring is opening the airways (depending on the narrowing of which exactly causes it: the nose, the mouth or thethroat), and this is exactly what the nose plugs do. They open the nasal canal. They are hollow too, hence they allow the passage of air through the orifice they contain. Remember though that snoring has a lot of causes, so this only tackle those that stem from some sort of nasal narrowing of any cause. It would have no effect on those whose snoring stem from other causes such as that which happens at the back of the throat.


Another thing that could contribute to the narrowing of the airway, this time at the throat, is the falling back of the tongue on the airway, thereby reducing the amount of air that goes in. This mostly occurs when the sleeper sleeps on the back. An effective means of tackling this is to make sleeping on the back uncomfortable by using special kinds of pillows and straps that keep the sleeper in place through the night. Others could poke the sleeper if they roll over. Funny, right? This shows how much of a problem snoring can be, and how creative solutions have gone. However, a limitation is that it would not tackle snoring caused by other factors.


Sleep is an awesome part of our lives, and we are so out of this world when we sleep that we cannot control our body parts, the jaw inclusive. The positioning of the jaw during sleep could contribute a great deal towards blocking the airway or reducing the amount of air that passes the throat. Chin straps help keep the jaw in such position that allows air pass through freely and is strangely the only snoring mouthpiece available in the markets. The greatest downside to this method is that the strap could cover the whole mouth, and that is not good enough, as it could cause choking.


Positive airway pressure keeps the airway open, regardless of any narrowing. These machines are designed to continuously keep the airways open by blowing air into the tube that connects the mask to the motor of the machine. It is the most effective way of tackling snoring because the mask is worn over both the nose and the mouth. It has some side effects, like congestion, runny nose, dry mouth, or nosebleeds, but these can be taken care of by accompanying methods provided by the health care personnel.



Some people snore because of more grave situations like sleep apnoea, and this should be checked as soon as possible because it could lead to complications like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.The first step to remedying snoring is to determine the cause. From the remedies presented above, anti-snoring devices truly work, but there is a caveat to that. Only when they address the cause directly. For more information visit:

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